Fragrances: Please no heavy colognes. I am sensitive to strong smells. They make me nauseous. I prefer your natural smell, the “just got out of the shower smell” Light smells ok...sorry for the inconvenience but if you have a choice don’t put it on.

Amenities: I will always have a shower you can use, fresh towels and mouth wash, as well as refreshments and soothing music. My incall apt is discreet, private and always super clean. 

Hygiene: Please be showered, and once we meet excuse yourself to wash your hands and mouth wash, which I always will have available. If you have had a long day and haven’t had time to shower you can use mine. 

Be on time: I will always be on time for you if I am running late which is rare I will call. Please do the same for me when visiting. It is important to be on time because I may have another engagement after you, and would hate to end our time sooner then expected. I never rush but will need efficient time for my next engagement or personal appointment. 

Cancellation: I know that things come up but I ask you to be courteous and respectful of my time as I am of yours and always give me enough time if you need to cancel or reschedule. No shows & no calls will not be able to reschedule. Also if you have cancelled an appointment with me two times in a row then your future appointments will be marked as tentative and I have the right to book someone else in your time slot. If you have scheduling issues perhaps it is best for you to make an appointment with me last minute rather then pre-booking. 

Confirmation: I will always require a confirmation the day before or a confirmation before 10am the day of. If I do not hear from you I have the right to book someone else in your time slot as I am assuming you are not able to make it. 

Discretion: I value discretion as I am sure you do to. Please be quiet when visiting me, and respect my privacy. What I share with you should stay between us, as what ever you share with me will stay with me. On occasion I have ran into my special friends in public. I will never say hello first or acknowledge you unless you choose to. 

Respectful: Please be kind & respectful. If I find you rude or aggressive I will have to ask you to leave. 

Gift: Please have my lovely gift ready for me and hand it to me discretely within the first few minutes of our meeting so we both can be at ease and start enjoying each other’s company.

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