Are those photos of you? Yes they are my photos. My photos have been authenticated on Eros, City-Source and GLS. Many of my lovely reviews state that I even look better in person.

Can you provide more photos, and an unblurred photo? No sorry I can not provide any more photos. All my available recent photos are on my site. No unblurred photos are available. I blur my face for obvious reasons-for discretion for both you and I and because I have a busy public life. 

Do you take last minute engagements? Yes I do. I myself am spontaneous and a last minute scheduler for my private appointments so I know how that personality works. Also I have an ever changing schedule so sometimes last minute calls work best. Though I do recommend pre-booking early morning appointments.

Do you have tattoos and piercings? No tattoos, one piercing-on my ears. 

How will you be dressed? I love the latest fashions. You will find me trendy and up to date with my choice of clothing. If there is a specific wardrobe or costume you would like me to wear let me know in advance.

Why is it that you have gaps in your reviews? I have a busy public career so I don’t continuously work in this business. I take chunks of time off from 6 months to a yr. So catch me when I am working, which I do in chunks of 3 to 4 months. 

Can you spend time with me outside of an appointment? Yes which I love but be aware I am a paid companion so my time will always have to be compensated. To avoid uncomfortable situations please respect this. 

How far an advance do I need to make an appointment? Pre-booking is desired and gives you the best guarantee of your desired appointment, but last minute calls of at least an hour are always welcomed. 

Why haven’t I heard from you? I always get back to my emails right away, within the hour when I am working. If you don’t hear from me please call. Sometimes my aol bounces back emails especially from Hotmail accounts. Also I might be on vacation or I have taken some time off, if this is the case you will hear from me when I return. 

Do you provide BDSM and Fetish? Yes, but light only and where I play the role of the dominant not submissive. 

What kind of clients do you see? Respectful, discreet, generous, sweet, gentlemen who appreciate and know a woman’s worth.

Do you travel? Yes I do. I would love to travel with you but we would have to have had a previous engagement before we can go away a few days together.

What do you expect of me once I arrive? A big smile, enthusiastic to have a fun time, my lovely gift within five minutes of our meeting, groomed and showered if not I have a shower and mouthwash you can use. And before we get into an intimate conversation please wash your hands. Thank you. 

Do you have reviews? Yes, on TER http://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=121339

Are your rates negotiable? No, I feel for the generosity, the time I put in and and for the person that I am that my rates are reasonable. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it for any less. Please don’t ask for discounts, it is disrespectful. It makes me feel cheated...the more you give the more I give.

Do you offer references? Yes to gentlemen I have seen within the past yr. This is so that I am accurate on who you are and I am able to give an honest reference. 

How can I give you your gift for our engagement? Within the first few minutes of us meeting discreetly where I can see it. This will put us both at ease and then we can begin our fun together. 

What if our time is over & I am not ready to go? I will gently let you know that our time is over, if you wish to extend I am happy to do so unless I have a previous engagement. 

Where do you hold incalls? I will always have a clean comfortable relaxing upscale discreet private location for our time together. 

Can we meet for coffee prior to our engagement to see if we have chemistry? I would but any meetings are considered an engagement and I would have to be compensated with my normal gifts. 

What verification do you need? I like to have your full name and contact number as well as any other information you can provide. If you are a member of TER, P411, or date check your id would be enough if not please tell me about yourself and provide your work information or a reference from another provider. I always discard any information that is given to me and never share it with anyone. This is only for verification purposes. For future references I only keep an email or/and a phone number that you have provided. If you are not comfortable sharing your information please call me and we will arrange an alternative.

Do you take credit cards? Currently cash only.

Do you see girls/Couples/Friends? I do see Couples, for the donation of 1000 an hr. If you are looking for two girls I would love to join you however I cannot provide the girl for you because I am a private, discreet person therefore I keep to myself and choose not to work with friends in the business. You would have to provide the lovely girl for us.

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