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  1. I'm happy to say that Madison not only met but far exceeded my expectations. What a find! This adorable little spinner is off the charts awesome.....Guys, this girl has a dancer's body that will quite literally take your breath away. In fact if that's all she had going for her she'd be a total 10. But there is more. Much more. Her face is absolutely beautiful, sparkling green eyes and a 10,000 megawatt smile that could light up an IMAX screen. Her flawless skin has that youthful glow that reminded me of a high school cheerleader/prom queen that every guy wanted to ****.....She's such a bundle of sexy positive energy I found myself smiling so much my cheeks tingled.....She has that spark, that star quality, that charisma that can't be faked.
  2. You pray to find yourself alone with this smoking hot starlet for a lifetime and forever..... MMT is gorgeous. She clearly enjoys prancing around nude because she KNOWS how hot and sexy she is and her moves and appearance are classic. Her breasts are tight natural near full C cups and her body is perfection..... with the tightest and sexiest bubble butt in the world. I also loved her tight belly and thin athletic arms.....S he tastes amazingly delicious, nectar from the G-ds... with the tightest and sexiest bubble butt in the world...among the world's rarest treasures. Thank you gorgeous Madison, can't wait to see you again!
  3. I am so glad I finally hooked up with Madison, she is a gorgeous model/actress and making out with her is like making out to your favorite hot actress you see on your favorite TV show! It's dream come true...,. she is simply GORGEOUS! Her face, her eyes, and her beautiful all natural body and a butt to die for!...... I went up and when the door opened I was speechless! Oh my god! She looks even better than her photos and I told her that!..... Her eyes are mesmerizing and just looking at her pretty face was enough to turn me on..... She helped me undress and then took her lingerie off and that's when my eyes were glued to her lovely butt. Nice bubble butt, firm and delicious..
  4. She's drop dead gorgeous (and I mean drop dead). She has a body that's one in a million. She's funny. She's full of life and boy does she know how to please. From the time the door opens to the time you kiss good bye, it's the time to remember. I highly recommend..... It is not often that you meet a girl like Madison. She's so darn beautiful that when the door opens and you see who's hiding behind it, your heart just skips a beat. She's a successful model and is proud of it. But as a person, she's as much fun. If you do get to pay attention to what she's saying, which is really hard to do when you're looking at her, you realize that this a smart, optimistic, funny person..
  5. I had my doubts about her. Taking everything in her ad into consideration, she just seemed too good to be true. Boy, was I wrong! Her stunningly beautiful looks made my jaw drop the minute I saw her. O-M-G, what a hottie!!..... A girl as gorgeous as her... I couldn't believe my luck! I knew she's a model, but still, what a magnificent surprise. And that was just the beginning. She's the sweetest girl you could imagine. She's so funny, has a great sense of humor - and brains too! She's blonde & very pretty, but equally intelligent. Being little nervous prior to out appointment, I was so relieved to discover what a wonderful personality she has. We talked and got to know each other quickly, and I was more turned on by her every second. She was so incredibly hot, and not even taken any of her clothes off yet!..... feeling more satisfied than ever in my life. What an awesome ride she took me on! I just can't wait to meet her again... and again and again!

  6. ...And hiding behind the door was a beautiful petite woman dressed in a sexy bra and panties. You can tell that she takes very good care of herself because her body is flawless. She led me to the kitchen for a drink and conversation and I eyed the most perfect ass I have ever seen,,,,. Madison is gorgeous and has a perfect natural body..... She is a great conversationalist and smart..... The mirrors enhanced the view of this gorgeous vixen. She is great and I will see her again. We had a great chemistry and it was very sentential yet fun session.  
  7. When I showed up to see her I was blown away. Just as hot as her photos. The only thing I was surprised at was that she was even smaller than I had imagined. Nothing is photo shopped in her pics, even that ass which is pretty hard to believe. Would repeat daily if I were a richer man..... First, let me just say this is one of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on. Her face is so beautiful id be shocked if she hadn't modeled in the past. And she clearly stays in great shape. She's very thin but has some tone and the nicest bubble butt I've ever seen. Her breasts for her perfectly. I wouldn't change a thing... She has a great personality and is clearly a bright person... I was so obsessed with her bubble butt...
  8. As we got to know each other, she showed me some of her modeling pictures, and lemme tell ya, theyre hot but she's prettier in person.... I'm telling you, if Madison has an ounce of body fat other than in her boobs..... Madison is a complete doll who really wants to please and is a total hottie. I was glad I decided to see her and will definitely be back...
  9. This girl is really gorgeous. She is really much prettier in person than in her pictures - MUCH prettier!
  10. She opened the door and there was a prefect barbie doll. Cute smile, beautiful face, centerfold body, and is very smart and east to talk to..... I could admire her perfect ass. She has an ass like a playboy bunny.... She has great skills in this department..... She is very responsive..... Madison is so soft and smooth as I loved feeling every inch of her body..... She looks great and had that perfect centerfold body.  
  11. She is absolutely gorgeous. Unbelievable ass and breast, it is beyond perfect..... She is very intelligent and easily engages any type of conversation. I had great time with her and cannot wait to see her again..... her ass is simply amazing...

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